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Check OUT Ekiden Saga Game!

Written By MobileGameCenter on Thursday, 13 November 2014 | 11:36

Cover artYou control a team of transport professionals on an important delivery-mission. A mysterious high-ranking official gives you the briefing: The secret cargo needs to be transported efficiently and safely on a very specific route across Japan.The mission takes your team through challenging environments – under the cherry blossoms in the Gemba Forest, over the rolling hills of the Temples of Silence, along the shores of the Thousand Lakes and through the urban sprawl of the Compass District.Some distances can only be travelled by
foot. This means truck drivers and runners need to work together, handling the cargo between them like in a relay race – an ekiden. You have keep going no matter what. The future of Japan depends on it!

Ekiden Saga - screenshot thumbnailEkiden Saga - screenshot
Ekiden Saga - screenshot thumbnail
Ekiden Saga - screenshot thumbnail


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