Chicken Fighters

Written By MobileGameCenter on Saturday, 22 November 2014 | 23:13

Cover artChicken Fighters is a unique multiplayer fighting game where you breed totally absurd chicken to fight in arenas. Fighting chicken vs Fried Chicken
Choose your chicken Abilities
Follow the evolution of your chicken, from egg to adult chicken and become the most formidable fighting chicken
Win your fights to unlock more and more content (equipment, skills points, new power ...)

Choose your destiny: Kung Fu Chicken, Knight, Fireman, pirate ...
Face the henhouse'selite in deathmatch mode but beware, each defeat bring death ! rooster a doodle doo
Welcome in the arena
Train your chicken with 2 mini games (Assaut course, Worm hunt)
Hundred of combination to equip your fighting rooster
Achieve daily fights, peck a seed, and return in the arena
Become the undisputed master of the farmyard with the leaderboards
Use your beak, claws and ninja uppercuts to ruffle your opponents feathers

Chicken Fighters - screenshot thumbnailChicken Fighters - screenshot
Chicken Fighters - screenshot thumbnail
Chicken Fighters - screenshot thumbnail


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