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Download The Amazing Role Playing Game Epic Forces form Playstore & iTUNE

Written By MobileGameCenter on Sunday, 2 November 2014 | 09:43

Cover artGather the most beautiful and powerful heroes in this wonderful collectible RPG! Discover a new world of amazing adventures! Experience a FAIRY TALE!An ancient evil from another dimension has shattered the sun, and its fragments have covered the land. On the heels of this devastation, the Black King has embarked on a quest for absolute power and enslaved citizens of the Fairy World. You are now the realm's last hope!
Are you ready to face an evil? Are you ready to become a Keeper of the Order?

Epic possibilities for you to test:
- Explore lots and lots of levels enjoying the thrilling story and the beauties of the Kingdom.
- Meet wonderful characters leapt from the pages of all fairy tales in the world.
- Hire and capture heroes, train and upgrade them to turn your team into a real epic force!
- Use unique abilities of your warriors in every battle, and enemies will shiver from hearing your name!
- Fight other players in PvP mode and show them who is the best!
- Become the champion of every league and enter Epic league of the most powerful and brave players.
- Participate in weekly PvP tournaments and massive boss raids to get legendary heroes.
Download and play Epic Forces for free! There's a whole new world waiting for you!
Epic Forces - screenshot thumbnail Epic Forces - screenshot thumbnail
Epic Forces - screenshot
Epic Forces - screenshot
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