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Download Planetary Guard:Defender Game from Google Playstore & iTUNE!

Written By MobileGameCenter on Wednesday, 5 November 2014 | 11:16

Cover artPlanetary Guard: Defender is a shoot 'em up game with defensive gameplay features. Player can build turrets and minefields on force field of planets and operate a space tank against ever-growing hordes of enemies. In the distant future humankind has colonized several planets and even entire solar systems. After an unfortunate experiment to alter a primitive alien lifeform, humankind found itself locked in a bloody war with its own creation. Join the ranks of heroic Planetary Guard, the best militia in whole galaxy and defend planets against hordes of angry insectoids.

- Defend your planets from swarms of evil enemies
- Upgrade your space tank to fend yourself against ever increasing amounts of enemies
- Build defense structures to aid you in battles
- Test your skills against fearsome boss enemies

Planetary Guard:Defender - screenshot thumbnail Planetary Guard:Defender - screenshot thumbnail
Planetary Guard:Defender - screenshot
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Planetary Guard:Defender - screenshot
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