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Download & Save your Kingdom with Faraway Kingdom Game!

Written By MobileGameCenter on Wednesday, 12 November 2014 | 12:39

Cover artCome join the adventure in the mesmerizing fantasy world of Faraway Kingdom: Dragon Raiders!The notorious Red Dragon has demolished the kingdom, and it is now up to you to restore order. Gather heroes to explore endless dungeons underneath the kingdom. You must collect gold and diamonds to rebuild the city and strengthen your company of heroes. Travel to distant lands in search of the Red Dragon, where vast number of monsters and challenges await you. The journey won’t be easy, but your kingdom depends on you to lead the way. Bring back glory to the once peaceful Faraway Kingdom!

Play for Free. 8 bit graphic fun! Unique game-play mixture of simulation and mid-core RPG!
Faraway Kingdom is now available on the Google Play Store for android phone and tablets!
• Build the most amazing kingdom
• Collect all heroes
• Build homes for your heroes – choose from 27 selections
• Send your heroes to explore dungeons and collect valuable loot
• Go the extra mile by designating all the heroes to their destined dungeons
• Raid distant lands, battle monsters using unique skills, and collect rare items
• Get help from other players to complete difficult raids
• Compete with other players in game progress
• Collect rare heroes from the kingdom’s Inn or through the summoning ritual, then upgrade
• Collect rare equipment by defeating monsters in raids or by purchasing them from the Item Shop, then enhance
Micro Site: www.playfarawaykingdom.com
Facebook: http://bit.ly/FarawayFacebook
Customer Support: http://bit.ly/FarawaySupport
Faraway Kingdom - screenshot thumbnail Faraway Kingdom - screenshot thumbnail
Faraway Kingdom - screenshothttps://itunes.apple.com/nz/app/faraway-kingdom-dragon-raiders/id888210186?mt=8
Faraway Kingdom - screenshot


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