Skoo Crew

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Cover artAn addictively fun scooting game for kids, with an educational twist. Learn and practice core maths skills in Skoo School, then help the Skoo Crew speed through 3 imaginative lands on their super cool scooters avoiding obstacles against the clock.Skoo Crew’s fun and exciting scooting game is set in a world of engaging 3D side-scrolling racing graphics. Players scoot through Quirksville, Mazona Jungle and Sweet Metropolis avoiding cars, monkeys, bouncing sweets and more! Beat the clock and collect skoobandz along the way to up your score and unlock the next level. Be sure to look out for gold skoobandz for extra points!

Earn free power ups in Skoo School to improve your scooting skills and remember to use them wisely in game play to complete all levels successfully.
Skoo School invites players to learn in a fun, interactive way strengthening concentration and memory. Choose from 3 levels of difficulty and practice your addition, subtraction, division, times tables and more to earn power ups to use within game play. Look for the helpful tips from Skoo, Candee and Camzee and click on the Skoo Crew number square if you need a little extra help.
Select one power up reward for getting 10 correct answers and score a perfect 10 out of 10 for a bonus power up! Choose from an extra life, a rocket boost to scoot faster and jump higher or a glow light to use in underground tunnels.
Colourful parallax graphic backdrops.
Simple user interface and button controls.
Choose from jump or brake to avoid obstacles and collect skoobandz.
Avoid crash landing during huge jumps by tipping your scooter backwards or forwards using the tip back/tip forward buttons.
And all funky music fans will love the original Skoo Crew music!

Skoo Crew - screenshot thumbnail
Skoo Crew - screenshot thumbnailSkoo Crew - screenshot thumbnail Skoo Crew - screenshot thumbnail



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