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( BY Zombot Studio Inc. )

Explore a ravaged galaxy ripe for the taking! ExoGears puts you in charge of a mercenary ship and its crew as you traverse space and create the ultimate mech warrior!

Use your Exo to engage in exciting mech-on-mech combat to conquer your opponents through reflex, strength and strategy! Collect parts and engineer upgrades from your battle victories in order to customize your Exo and its abilities. Build your ship and its crew to become the most feared and formidable force in the star systems! Uncover the mysteries of this space odyssey and make it your own!

- Customize your ExoGear with hundreds of parts and upgrades
- Enhance your ship and its crew to increase their abilities
- Explore the galaxy to experience new worlds and environments
- Challenge a multitude of opponents to test the will of your Exo
- Complete an epic campaign to reclaim the universe

Note: A network connection is required to play.

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