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Explosion in an abandoned city. Zombie hordes appearing out of nowhere. You are humanity's only hope.
Infiltrate the forsaken, zombie-infested city, locate the origin of the outbreak, and shoot'em, kill'em, blast'em out of existence!Gun Zombie is back and it is bigger, badder, and better than ever!
The follow-up to Gun Zombie:Hellgate, which has over 11M downloads, arrives at Android, a one-of-a-kind experience that includes fun and shiny new features!
Enjoy the insane fun of killing the undead with perfectly optimized touch controls.
1) The fastest and most intense shooting experience, loyal to the arcade shooter tradition.
2) The most intuitive, easy-to-learn touch controls.
3) 150+ unique “Campaign” stages, : No repetition or copy-and-paste levels.
4) 50+ unique “Dungeon” stages : High replay value with randomly generated levels.
5) An arsenal of 20 realistic guns : Complete your collection!
6) Powerful Bosses, 65 different zombies with a variety of designs and patterns of movement.
7) Diverse Items, Special Ammo, and Power-Ups at your disposal
We know what the fun of shooting is all about. Come experience the thrill!

GUN ZOMBIE 2 : RELOADED - screenshot thumbnail GUN ZOMBIE 2 : RELOADED - screenshot thumbnail
GUN ZOMBIE 2 : RELOADED - screenshotGUN ZOMBIE 2 : RELOADED - screenshothttps://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.pnixgames.gunzombiereloaded


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