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How to Install Five Nights at Freddy's 3 on PC

Written By MobileGameCenter on Thursday, 25 December 2014 | 02:37

This is the "Official" fan-made Five Nights at Freddy's 3 game (Which took me a month to make and effected my health from staying up until 4 in the morning every time). This game has nothing to do with the Five Nights at Freddy's series by Scott Cawthon.
(Well... It kind of does...) Yes, Scott Cawthon did approve of this. I promised to add many exciting easter eggs, death mini-games, and cutscenes! And yes, there is a night 6 and a custom night. This game will be officially released to the public on Christmas Day (So, GameJolters, this is your lucky day to have early access!). I hope you enjoy this game, and have a Merry Christmas! This game is made with the same software Scott Cawthon uses, Clickteam Fusion 2.5. :)Five Nights at Freddy's 3

To go into windowed mode, press F11. To go into full screen, press F12. The same familiar controls from Five Nights 1 & 2. Press and hold CTRL for hallway and vent lights. Press F5 to save, and press F6 to load, it won't make any sounds when you save or load, but it still works! :) The save/data file is called "FNAF3_Data", so please don't delete it unless you want to start all over. Automatic saving does not work because it crashes the game. ONLY use the mask when they are in your office, If you use it when they aren't in your office they will recognize you and the mask trick wont work anymore. :) If you want to know the story behind this game, hear the phone call, observe the game, and everything else very carefully. Since Five Nights 2 is a prequel, this game takes place after Five Nights 1. :) Have Fun on your first night!

                                                                       ~ HELP & TIPS ~
You have to be quick when it comes to the animatronics getting into the officE. Also, listen to the phone calls, thEy give helpful tips and tell storyline. Also use the mask on each aniMatronic one at a time. If you use the mask instantly when you start, your pretty much screwed. Later in the story line, "Phone Guy" mentions the doors and lights not working very well, considering the fact that Foxy on the first game kept banging on The doors. The lights don't work because the animatronics are more stealthy than before. So in other words, the doors and lightS are just there for fun and to make the game look good. lol :P Just a heads up, the animatronics get more aggresive the second time they come. So be VERY VERY VERY quick on the mask. To know when the Marionette is in your office, the monitors in the office should go crAzy and show Marionette's face on all of them, and you should also hear the jack-in-the-box music too. To Toggle into Windowed Mode, Press F11. To Toggle into Full Screen, Press F12.

        ~ BUG REPORTING ~
Hey guys! There has been reports of bug going on, and I want to essure you i'm the only one working on this gaMe, and i'm trying the best I can to fix as many bugs as I can before the official release. If there are any bugs you find along the way, please report it to mE as soon as possible. Thanks! Also,  the doors and lightS not working is part of the story line if hear every phone call closely.

                                                                        ~ THEORIES ~
(I already know the story line, I'm just making up good theories).

:Why is Phone Guy still alive?
:Who is Phone Guy?
:Why is there something, or some"one" mysterious on some"thing".
:Why is Bonnie's arm off?
:Why does Chica look like a hogi when she's in the office? (Hogi is my way of saying homeless girl)
:Why does the Marionette go after the animatronics first, and not you?
:Why does the cutscenes say, "IT'S ME"?!?

So much mysteries behind this game you guys don't know... Have Fun on your first night! :)

- BFPFilms424 | The Developer :)



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