Mr.Ninja!! Fever

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Cover artNinja katana stylish action - now accepting challengers, no experience required!
"Mr. Ninja!!Fever"****Reviews from previous "Mr." games****
◎ "Addictive, challenging, and fun!"
○ "Not just one of the top FREE games but, one of the TOP GAMES, period."

◎ "Love, love, love it!"
○ "Simple and meditative, but demanding. Love it!"
◎ "This game is so fun, it gets my heart racing and it's so addicting!"
****Simple Gameplay****
1 ... Tap the screen at the right moment!
2 ... Strike down all "aliens" - don't leave a single one!
3 ... Perform your "Special Move" for maximum damage!
That's it!!
****Train your Ninja****
1 Get prize tickets just by playing the game!!
2 Combine Ninjas to level them up!!
3 Watch your Ninja evolve at level 30!!
Tons of content!!
***Climb the ranks of the world on the Facebook Leaderboard****
Will you dominate your friends on Facebook?!
Or cooperate with them get hearts?!
Summon a magical familiar to conquer your rivals.
Now let's enjoy "Mr.Ninja!!Fever"

Mr.Ninja!! Fever - screenshot
Mr.Ninja!! Fever - screenshotMr.Ninja!! Fever - screenshot
Mr.Ninja!! Fever - screenshot!!-fever/id910839601


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