Egg Crusher

Written By MobileGameCenter on Sunday, 18 January 2015 | 11:47

(BY alexplay)

Egg Crusher!
Here comes the game that everyone will love to play.
Baddie Eggs in your kitchen are planning something wily…
Do not let them make evil plans true. Come on! Hurry up! Push all the angry eggs with your fingers!
They don’t have to run away. Don’t make a mistake: you shouldn’t push the peaceful eggs – you will lose.
Get ready to meet the new - even angrier and smarter enemies - with every new level.
For every evil egg crushed you will get the precious egg-yolk that you can exchange for super bonuses. Push, crush and freeze - nothing is impossible in this battle.
Make an omelet from the evil forces! Prove you're cooler than eggs.
Because you are the Egg Crusher!

Egg Crusher - screenshot thumbnailEgg Crusher - screenshot thumbnailEgg Crusher - screenshot thumbnail

Egg Crusher - screenshotEgg Crusher - screenshot


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