Joy Flight

Written By MobileGameCenter on Monday, 26 January 2015 | 02:39

Bald aliens who wanted to have great hair style!
While scouting earth, the aliens found out that the secrets to rich hair relied in fruits.
In attempts to steal fruits from earth, animal friends were abducted by the aliens as well.
Adventure and friendship between animal friends trying to save fruits and their friends!
Fancy animal heroes are moving out with flapping their cloaks.
Jump into action! Joy Flight!
Joy Flight's main features
▶ Easy and simple controls, but unexpected depth
▶ Fancy animal friends with various abilities
▶ Lovable and colorful pastel tone graphic
▶ Duet-flight with your friends who you rescued
▶ Pets, treasures, and booster items to support your adventure
▶ Challenging numerous achievements and score rankings

Joy Flight - screenshot
Joy Flight - screenshotJoy Flight - screenshotJoy Flight - screenshot


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