Mutation Mash

Written By MobileGameCenter on Monday, 26 January 2015 | 07:32

Mutation Mash is a Crazy Hilarious Puzzle - Action Game! Match radioactive animals to combine them into fun, new mutants! Heal them in your farm to earn coins and level-up! :)
Attention! The game requires fast reflexes and a sharp mind.
If you liked our original games - the Hopeless series , then you’ll love this puzzle !
Following a terrible accident in the famous Radioactive Mutations Rehabilitation factory, mutated animals have taken over the enchanted forest!
YOU must save the forest and the world before it's too late! Too many mutants will turn the forest into one big puzzled mess!

** See what happens when you combine 3 bears! (hint: mutants!)

** Discover new types of mutants that haven’t been seen before!

** Solve challenging riddles & puzzles!
** Combine 2 bear mutants with 1 mutated bunny to create an unbelievable MEGA creature!
Mutation Mash key Features:
• Free to play !
• New and original Match 3 Game !
• 50 levels of intense and fun gameplay
• Get a different puzzle every time you play
• Collect all 19 mutated species!
• Think fast, act quickly! Put your skills and reflexes to the ultimate test!
• A game by the developers of Hopeless: The Dark Cave

Mutation Mash - screenshot Mutation Mash - screenshot thumbnail
Mutation Mash - screenshotMutation Mash - screenshot


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