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Giraffe Winter Sport Simulator

Written By MobileGameCenter on Monday, 2 February 2015 | 10:58

Giraffe Winter Sports Simulator
Super fun simulation game that will make you laugh! We bet that you have never seen a giraffe sliding down the ski ramp.
Who knows maybe one day it will become a reality.. And that is the very first but not the last reason that will make you giggle. The aim of the game is to jump the longest distance. Seems very simple, but it’s not so easy as it looks. Hold your finger to boost and apply force to your animal, collect coins, fly through the rims, catch boosts. Make frontflips and backflips, try to fly as high as possible, beat the longest airtime or total hits on the ground record and brag about it. Compete with your friends in two players game mode.

- Two players mode
- Different unlockable animals
- Realistic physics and simulation
- Various consumable items
- Detailed jump statistics

Giraffe Winter Sport Simulator - screenshot thumbnailGiraffe Winter Sport Simulator - screenshot thumbnail
Giraffe Winter Sport Simulator - screenshotGiraffe Winter Sport Simulator - screenshot



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