Monki Shake It

Written By MobileGameCenter on Thursday, 19 February 2015 | 11:21

Come to play with our Monkiland´s friends and learn a lot of words in the languages you choose for your kid.

Go to the mountains and help Bobby the dog to find the right mommy for a polar hare. If you like Egypt come with Lisa the cat and find her toys inside a beautiful labyrinthine pyramid. She will be happy! Count how many apples Billy the chicken wants while you are feeding him. Choose the Ocean to sail a boat and look for the musical instruments that Cowy the cow had lost!
When you think it´s over, you will bump an awesome final test at the Sky where you can pilot a plane and show us how much you've learnt!
Let your kids have fun! and most importantly, while learning ;)
"This app is great for our youngest learners. Kids will enjoy the physical manipulation of the device, and parents will appreciate the fun way children are learning." - FunEducationalApps
"It not only teaches kids to follow directions, match, and categorize, but helps improve their body sense too." - TeachersWithApps
This app includes 4 mini-games, 1 final Test, and a “Treehouse” where your child will practice lots of skills and vocabulary, like numbers, musical instruments, polar animals, toys, meanings of transports and weather. The app requires children to listen and follow simple instructions to move from activity to activity.

Monki Shake It - screenshot thumbnail Monki Shake It - screenshot thumbnail
Monki Shake It - screenshot
Monki Shake It - screenshot


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