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Be ready for takeoff 8-Bit style and get nudged from the hangar cliff in small, whacky plane.

Take a seat in your retro wings plane, put on a beaver, a croc or even a flappy bird and prepare yourself for the flight of your life. It's not the future, it's a blast from the past!
Get out of control and try the high level of difficulty in a challenging, hard game play. Collect coins for your resurrection, dodge obstacles and show your skills by flying loops or perform action stunts with the powerful plane, you never could do in a simple flappy bird game before. Choose from dozens of items and show how good you are on the ranking.
Change your plane, fire the pilot and retry till you succeed! It’s so challenging, it’s so hard, so you will never need a real enemy to keep the excitement going. Retry all over again to master every world and be the king of Retro Wings.
Compete with your friends, show them who is the real retro pro and share your personal high score on Facebook. Enjoy our dazzling retro pixel graphics game with state of the art game technologies and get addicted immediately. Are you brave enough to show your personal flying skills?

RETRO WINGS - screenshot thumbnailRETRO WINGS - screenshot thumbnail
RETRO WINGS - screenshotRETRO WINGS - screenshot


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