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FoxTrotte makes you play Mr. Fox chasing Mr. Crow, the stealer of his beloved cheese!
He sees his soulmate fly away in the evil talons of his nemesis!
Be quick, help him get his precious wheel of cheese back!
• Run through the streets of London, avoiding benches, trees and traffic!
• Whiz in the tube’s tunnels while using bumpers and bottles of boost to reach tremendous speed!
• Confront your friends in challenge mode: the infinite level!
• Collect cheese bites and wheels of cheese to buy skins and unique boosters!
• Your progress on iOS, Android, and Facebook is synchronized between all your devices!
• Free updates will be adding new levels, making you run all around the world!
FoxTrotte is entirely free. However, it possible to buy in game currency with real money. You can deactivate in game trade and buying functions by turning them off in your device’s settings.
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Finally, we heartfully thank all the FoxTrotters!

FoxTrotte - screenshot thumbnail FoxTrotte - screenshot thumbnail
FoxTrotte - screenshotFoxTrotte - screenshot


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